AUDITIONS: Scheduled for Saturday, January 15th

30 min time slots are available to book here.

Sword and the Stone is an action/adventure story adapted for stage by the creative team at Parker Theatre. This is a heavy action show and the nature of the work can be dangerous at times. We ask that you keep that in mind before you audition!  


Callbacks will be held Wednesday, January 19th at 6:30 at the Parker Theatre Studio building. 




Arthur (Male 17-23) The protagonist of the play. Intelligent and compassionate. Arthur learns from Merlin throughout the story and eventually takes on his destiny as King of England. Must be able to perform rigorous stage fighting.


Kay (Male 19-25) Arthur’s older brother. Brash and eager to prove himself. Kay trains with his father to become a knight. He’s ambitious and brave. Must be able to perform rigorous stage fighting.


Merlin (Male 30-60) Arthur’s educator and friend. Wise and gentle. Merlin teaches Arthur throughout the play and prepares him to take up the mantle of king. Must have good comedic timing. Must be comfortable playing an old man.


Ector (Male 35-50) Father of Kay and adoptive father of Arthur. Boisterous and bright. Ector trains Kay to become a knight. Must be able to play at least 40. Must be able to perform rigorous stage fighting. 


Urience of Gore (Male 28-35) Antagonist of the play. Powerful and cold. Urience is a ruthless warlord trying to extinguish any opposition that would prevent him from becoming king. Must perform a lengthy sword fight at the end of the show.


Morgana le Fey (Female 28-35) Wife of Urience of Gore and former student of Merlin. Clever and bitter. Morgana seeks to put Urience on the throne through means of magic and espionage. She hates Merlin and would do anything to destroy him.


Captain Balamore (Male 25-35) Captain of Urience’s rangers. Loyal and firm. Balamore seeks to serve his king with steadfast loyalty and devotion. Though the ruthlessness of Urience eventually takes its toll on him and makes him question whether his service to Urience is for the benefit of England. Must be able to perform rigorous stage fighting


Herald (Male/Female 10-18) Announcer of the different tournaments in the show. Must have a strong stage presence and loud speaking voice.


Fighters/Male Ensemble (18-30) Fighters play various background characters as well as engage in almost all action scenes in the play. Must be able to perform rigorous stage fighting


Female Ensemble (18-60) Must be able to play various background and speaking characters. 


Child Ensemble (8-18) Must be able to play various pages, maids, servants


Auditioners should prepare a 30 second classical monologue (shakespeare e.g) followed by one of the following sides. Kids do the side for the Herald. 

Click below for sides.

Sword and the Stone sides

We are accepting video auditions but strongly prefer to see you in person! Send all video auditions to