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Have fun, work hard, make friends and develop your skills.


The Parker Theatre School has been an integral part of our organization since 1988.

Thousands of children have entered our building over the years to further their theatrical training, harness the power of their creativity, or just to find a place to thrive.

We offer a wide variety of After School Classes to enrich children and help them develop speaking, singing, movement and focus skills over the course of nine months.

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Professional Spaces For Professional Training

Train your theatre skills on a stage, rehearse and sing in our beautiful classrooms.

The Studio is located North of the Main Theatre and is dedicated to learning and training.

Our BlackBox theatre is a 99 seat theatre were we host camp classes as well as our end of week recitals.


Studio Theatre


Studio Lobby

A Tradition in Theatre
A Tradition of Family

First founded in 1984 by the Tom and Joanne Parker family, The Parker Theatre has been creating unique and original theatre for family for almost 40 years.

The school followed four years later, and since then we have been dedicated to not only entertaining, but educating, supporting, and uplifting the performers and creators of tomorrow. 

We are dedicated to our community, to the children, and to the arts.

Preschool Theatre

Join us for creative play and activities meant to get our bodies moving! The smallest students will become familiar with movement and performing, all while building confidence in a safe environment built for imagination and expression. 

Ages 3-5


Beginning Theatre

Explore acting and singing techniques through creativity, improv, and imagination. Students learn how to speak clearly, create characters, and become comfortable working with and in front of others. Theatre games and exercises will be used to teach skills in a fun and interactive way.

Ages 4-6


Elementary acting

Dive into storytelling, projection, diction, character movement, voice acting and how to create a strong ensemble. Each week, the class will work on a new topic through games and activities that will build their skills.

Ages 7-10


Intermediate Acting

Develop a character through voice & movement. Strengthen diction and projection and focus, creating individual performances and a strong ensemble through activities, rehearsals and games.  

Ages 11-13 


Advanced Acting

Advanced acting is for students who have a firm acting foundation Students work and train under elite teachers as they master their skills from the ground up. Students will go beyond the basics with the intent to build the students into high quality performers, ready to take on the world. 

AGES 14-16


Elementary Musical Theatre 

Develop the building blocks of musical theatre, master body awareness and motion, as well as learn how to understand beats and add simple motions to songs. They will also explode different types of musicals as they dip their toes into this exciting, musical, theatre.

Ages 7-10


Intermediate Musical Theatre 

Dive deeper into the world of musical theater, exploring old and new shows as the lessons grow more complex. Students will learn more music skills such as how to read music, and hearing and hitting different tones with our voices. Students are also taught simple choreography and moves that will help them incorporate their skills into a performance ready quality.

Ages 11-13 


Advanced Musical Theatre 

Advanced musical theatre is for students who have a firm musical theatre foundation and are looking for more advanced training. 

The songs, the notes, the dance… it all gets more complex in this class as students work together to create a performance ready showcase that will push them to expand and master many techniques and prepare them for production.

Ages 14-16

Improv - Level One

Develop the fundamentals of improvisation. With games, drills, and simple scenes you will learn how to; get over your fear of failure, respond quickly in the moment, listen actively and communicate more effectively, collaborate with and engage others, resolve conflicts, make new friends, overcome objections and rejections and how to laugh at yourself. 

Ages 8+ 


Improv - Level Two

Ready to take your improv skills to the next level? Master skills beyond the basics. With more advanced games, techniques and drills, this class is meant to get you performance ready.

Ages 8+ 


Sketch Comedy - Level One

Focus on the other side of improvisation and humor this fast action class. Students will learn how to create, practice and perform their sketch comedy skits and bits in class. Its half improvisation, half production and scripting. If you like studio C or other similar shows you’ll love this class!

All Ages


Sketch Comedy - Level Two

If you have mastered the basics on sketch comedy, it’s time to take your skill to the next level. Master your abilities and build skits and you refine your comedic timing and twist your funny bone! Build skits for stage, tv, and more in this hysterical class.

All Ages 

Adult Class

If you are looking to extend your abilities, seek feedback, or pick up an old skill that may have been forgotten or never mastered, this class is for you. Our adult classes are professional quality classes for ages 16 and older, that will focus on evaluating current ability, experimenting new methods, and breaking old habits. We dig deep into stage works and hone our skills as we continue on our journey to mastery.

Ages 16+ 





Many students take more than one class for well-rounded theatre training. Take two or more classes and receive a discount. 


Minimum class size is five. 

Parker Theatre reserves the right to split, cancel or combine classes based on enrollment. 


School Closed

Fall: November 21st-25th

Thanksgiving Week

Winter: December 19th-30th

Spring: April 3-7 OR 10-14




Phone: 801-532-6000

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