Have fun, work hard, make friends and develop your skills.


The Parker Theatre School has been an integral part of our organization since 1988.

Thousands of children have entered our building over the years to further their theatrical training, harness the power of their creativity, or just to find a place to thrive.

We offer a wide variety of After School Classes to enrich children and help them develop speaking, singing, movement and focus skills over the course of nine months.

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Professional Spaces For Professional Training

Train your theatre skills on a stage, rehearse and sing in our beautiful classrooms.

The Studio is located North of the Main Theatre and is dedicated to learning and training.

Our BlackBox theatre is a 99 seat theatre were we host camp classes as well as our end of week recitals.


Studio Theatre


Studio Lobby

A Tradition in Theatre
A Tradition of Family

First founded in 1984 by the Tom and Joanne Parker family, The Parker Theatre has been creating unique and original theatre for family for almost 40 years.

The school followed four years later, and since then we have been dedicated to not only entertaining, but educating, supporting, and uplifting the performers and creators of tomorrow. 

We are dedicated to our community, to the children, and to the arts.

Meet The Team

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Whitney Wilkins

Musical Theatre Coach


Cheyenne Cole

Musical Theatre Coach


Larissa Anderson

Acting Coach


Meighan Smith

Acting Coach

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Tom Roche

Acting Coach


Sean Sweeney

Improv & Acting Coach