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From the director

In the brisk fall of 1843, Charles Dickens was seized with an important cause, the plight of the poor children of England. He had witnessed appalling living and working conditions, and he emphatically preached against the dangers of ignorance, urging workers and employers for reform. In a moment of surely divine inspiration, Dickens realized that perhaps the best way to  deliver his message was through the power of storytelling. In only a few short weeks, A Christmas Carol was born.


From its very first appearance, the story was revolutionary, selling out in mere days. Here we are in 2023, almost 200 years later, and it has remained a crucial part of our Christmas landscape: Ebenezeer, the quintessential miser redeemed. We have seen this arc told countless times in almost innumerable renditions. What is it about Scrooge and the ghosts that has prolonged the life of this book and embedded it so firmly in our hearts?


Obviously, Charles Dickens was already a gifted writer, and this book was no exception, combining humor and eloquence in his typical fashion, albeit more light-hearted than some of his other books. (As a lover of science fiction, I take pleasure in the knowledge that Charles Dickens essentially invented time travel, as this book came out a full 50 years before the stories that are heralded as the progenitors of time travel in media.) But we all will likely agree that Dickens’s skill with prose was not the primary reason for the success of this book. There is a heart, a genuine truth about ourselves and our interaction with others on this mortal journey that hits right at the core.


Each of us may see something different in this surprisingly simple story. Perhaps we all know a Scrooge, yes, that person in your life who really needs to shape up. Or maybe, as Dickens likely have intended, we realize that we all have an inner Scrooge. We all have the capacity to withhold goodness, to look out at the world with a feeling that our actions make little difference and without hope for redemption and love. Yet we all want to know that this isn’t true. The inner Bob Cratchit, the inner Fred tells you that there is more to the picture, that you can hold kindness and joy in your heart, not just at Christmas, but all the year long. You have power and light that can be shared with others, and Dickens tells you that you must!


I hope that the show we have created here at the Parker Theatre is true to the spirit of kindness and giving that Dickens embodied in his tale. Dickens intended to teach us the danger of ignoring the needs of others around us. Every creative act going into this production has been with an eye toward his original aims. We have endeavored to capture the truest essence of the story with its myriad of iconic and beloved characters and to spread the hope of redemption this story has instilled over almost two centuries. 


The poet Thomas Hood, when the piece was originally published in 1843, wrote that "If Christmas…were ever in danger of decay, this is the book that would give them a new lease." May our version of that little red book give you new lease to seize the spirit of the season and hold it in your heart all the year long. Merry Christmas to all and God bless us, everyone. - Spencer J. Hohl


Mark Knowles (Scrooge).jpg

Ebenezer Scrooge

Mark Knowles

Mark is thrilled to be reprising this special role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Mark has loved performing at Parker Theatre and at many other local venues including Hale Centre Theatre, CenterPoint Legacy Theater, and the Grand Theater to name a few. Some of his favorite roles include John Adams (1776), Arthur (Camelot), Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express), Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady), Lawrence Jameson (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), Horace Vandergelder (Hello Dolly), Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music), Emile De Becque (South Pacific), Bob Cratchit (A Christmas Carol), King of Siam (the King and I), Captain Smollett (Treasure Island), and Harold Hill (The Music Man). By day, Mark manages a local software firm. He keeps very busy with voice over work, church callings, five kids, nine grandkids, and his goddess wife Wendy. "I'd like to express my thanks to a loving Heavenly Father for blessing me with opportunities to develop my talents and to share them with others!"

image_123650291 (2).JPG

Ghost of Christmas Present, Mr. Fezziwig, Old Joe, Tavern Keeper, Poulterer

Brinton Wilkins

​​Brinton is happy to perform again in Parker Theatre's "A Christmas Carol"—this time with his wife and daughters joining on stage and both his sons backstage. He grew up performing in Hale Centre Theatre's "A Christmas Carol" with his family, and loves continuing that tradition. Brinton is a regular at Parker Theatre, where he has appeared as Aslan in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," Earthworm in "James and the Giant Peach," Pharaoh in "Joseph," Cardinal Richelieu in "Three Musketeers," and Polonius in "Hamlet," among others. He directed Parker’s "Hamlet," "Romeo and Juliet," "The Jungle Book," and "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." Ages ago, Brinton was nominated to compete for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship. He is a lawyer and a hobbyist beekeeper, writer, Cajun cook, woodworker, and chicken haver. He lives by Dickens’ words: "Some people laughed to see . . . him, but he let them laugh, and little heeded them; for he was wise enough to know that nothing ever happened on this globe, for good, at which some people did not have their fill of laughter in the outset. His own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him." MERRY CHRISTMAS!

image_123650291 (1).JPG

Jacob Marley, Undertaker, Man 4

Stephen Harmon

Stephen has been acting up since he was a kid! He has been onstage off and on for over 3 decades. He loves performing for audiences, and immersing them in whatever show he's in. Some of his previous roles include Adam Pontipee (7 Brides for 7 Brothers), Cardinal Richelieu (3 Musketeers), King Richard (Robin Hood), Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), and many others. He is grateful to the Parker Theater for inviting him back to play Jacob Marley and the Undertaker for the second time. He thanks his friends and family for their continued support, love, and willingness to lend him to the Theatre. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Alina Smith (Past, Martha, Future) (1).jpeg

Ghost of Christmas Past, Martha Cratchit, Ghost of Christmas Future
Alina Smith  

Alina is ecstatic to be back on stage after a short hiatus! She was last seen on the Parker Theatre stage as Sally in Cat in the Hat. Some of her favorite roles have included, Mary Lenox in The Secret Garden, Winnie in The Parent Trap and Violet Beauregard in Charley and the Chocolate Factory. Alina is a senior at Woods Cross High School where she serves as an officer on the dance company. She is so excited to share the spirit of her favorite holiday through the telling of this wonderful classic. Alina would love to thank her cute family and amazing friends for supporting her in all her crazy adventures!

Tanner Tate (Fred).jpeg


Tanner Tate

Tanner has long admired the Parker Theatre and is excited to make his debut on their stage. Previous acting credits include the title role(s) of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical, Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Jack Kelly in Newsies. He has also directed and/or music directed productions of The Last Five Years, Little Women, Freaky Friday, and an upcoming premiere of Anastasia. He is a professional vocal coach and loves watching his students grow.

Isabelle Purdie (Belle).JPG

Belle, Party Guest, Townsperson

Isabelle Purdie 

Isabelle is excited to return for her third show at Parker Theatre where she was recently seen as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet. Favorite credits include You Can’t Take It With You (Alice), See How They Run (Ida), Sleepy Hollow (Katrina), High School Musical (Gabriella) & The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (Daniel). Isabelle grew up watching her parents perform and started acting when she was seven-years-old. She is currently studying Acting at UVU. When not on stage, Isabelle enjoys playing with her dog and spending time with her husband, Ethan. “I’m so grateful to my husband and family for supporting me. Special thanks to my dad, Jason, who always inspires me. I hope everyone enjoys the show. Merry Christmas!”

Lucas Charon (Bob Cratchit) (1).jpg

Bob Cratchit, Man 3

Lucas Charon

Lucas is so grateful to be performing the role of Bob Cratchit. Some of his favorite roles include Fred/Dickens (Hale Centre Theatre), Lord Farquaad (Murray Arts), Willard (West Valley Arts). “Thank you to Lindsey and Callie for sacrificing time together for this beautiful show, and a huge thank you to my dad, the original Bob Cratchit, for giving me my love for A Christmas Carol and Theatre. I love you!”

Emily Parker (Mrs. Cratchit).jpeg

Mrs. Cratchit

Emily T. Parker

Emily loves to occasionally perform on stage, having quite a few shows under her belt since her teen years. Emily has been a photographer, but has since been working on becoming a pilot. She’s a wife and mom with three kids. She just hopes you enjoy the show!


Mrs. Fezziwig, Charwoman, Poor Old Woman

Whitney Wilkins

Whitney is pleased to be back at Parker Theatre. She was last seen as Daphne in The Pumpkin Giant. A few other favorite credits include James and the Giant Peach, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Our Town, Cinderella, The Secret Garden, Phantom, and The Scarlet Pimpernel. In addition to acting, Whitney loves singing. She is a member of The Larks, a thirteen women singing group. She feels so lucky to be doing this show with her family.

Jasmine Hohl (Rowena, Mrs. Dilber).jpg

Rowena, Mrs. Dilber, Poor Woman, Party Guest

Jasmine Hohl

Jasmine is so excited to join the Parker Theatre Christmas Carol tradition with her family. Over the last six years, she's been busy becoming a mother of two beautiful children and graduating from PA school to practice psychiatric medicine. Prior to that, she studied at BYU in the Music/Dance/Theatre program and has been seen in several productions at Hale Centre Theatre and on the Parker Theatre stage, most recently playing Edwin Drood here at Parker in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. She wishes to thank her family for their support as well as all the patrons of Parker Theatre for supporting the arts.

Zachary Ballard (Solicitor, Belle's Husband).jpeg

Solicitor 1, Belle's Husband, Party Guest, Gravedigger, Man 1

Zachary Ballard 

This is Zac's second time performing at the Parker. He played Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet earlier this year at the Parker Theater and has enjoyed working for this theater. He has a BFA in Acting from UVU and has played Macbeth in Macbeth and has done many stage and film productions. He is also a fight director, writer, director, producer and podcaster. He would like to thank his wife Alenea and his cat Link for their endless support of his endeavors. He would also like to thank Spencer Hohl and the Parker Theater for the friendships and many opportunities that they have provided for him.

Curt Jensen (Solicitor_Topper).jpg

Solicitor 2, Poor Husband, Topper, Gravedigger, Man 2 (Understudy, Young Marley)

Curt Jensen

If you regularly attend the Parker Theatre, you may have voted for Curt to be a murderer or lover in their most recent production of Charles Dickens', The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This will be Curt's 5th time performing in A Christmas Carol, having previously appeared in productions on stages of Hale Center Theatre's past (Main Street & West Valley), and present (Orem). When he is not bringing the works of Charles Dickens to life on stage, he can be found designing craft kits and illustrations for his freelance clients, and original paper crafts for his website Curt is thrilled to be hanging out backstage with his sweet Christmas Caroline!

Mandi Marks (Poor Wife).jpg

Poor Wife, Topper's Girl, Party Guest, Townsperson

Mandi Marks

After a long hiatus from the stage, Mandi couldn't be happier to be spending the holidays performing here at Parker Theatre. Favorite past credits include Missy in The Marvelous Wonderettes (Sandy Arts), Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables (The Grand), and Amanda Hugginkiss in Homeschool Musical (Desert Star). Mandi is a homeschooling mom of three curious and creative kids. Mandi wishes to thank her sweet and supportive husband for helping make this possible and her kiddos for cheering her on!

Spencer Hohl (Director, Young Ebenezer,

Director & Young Ebenezer, Poor Father, Debtor (Understudy, Wreath Salesman & Coal Miner)

Spencer Hohl 

Spencer Hohl has been in 5 different productions of A Christmas Carol and feels most at home with this adaptation at Parker Theatre. He has previously been seen on this stage as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, John Jasper in the Mystery of Edwin Drood and the title characters in both The Canterville Ghost and Hamlet. He would like to thank his wonderful family for their support and wishes the audience a Merry Christmas!

Kendall Whitesides (Young Marley) (1).jpeg

Young Marley, Wreath Salesman, Coal Miner

Kendall Whitesides

Kendall is a simple carpenter who loves his wife, his family, and God. He is somewhat newer to the stage starring in only 3 performances prior to A Christmas Carol. He stood still as Lurch in the Addams family, danced as townsfolk in Beauty and the Beast, and defended his knightly honor in The Sword in the Stone. With his new found love for theatre performance he hopes to continually nourish that flame for the rest of his life and test his capabilities on the stage.

Milo Stebbing - Tiny Tim.jpeg

Tiny Tim

Milo Stebbing

Milo is pleased to be a part of this wonderful production. Favorite previous roles include Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh), Eric (Matilda), and Jim Hawkins (Treasure Island). He loves being on stage and sharing stories with the community. He is also an avid drummer and enjoys hiking and rock climbing. Most of all, he loves spending time with his family, friends, and pets. He is grateful for this opportunity and the support of the production team and his fellow cast mates. Enjoy the show!

Ellie Wilkins (Little Fan, Emma Cratchit, Want, Turkey Boy).jpeg

Little Fan, Emma Cratchit, Turkey Boy, Want

Ellie Wilkins

This is Ellie’s second year performing in A Christmas Carol at Parker Theater. She’s also been seen as Gladys Herdman in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Young Anna in Frozen Kids (HCT), and Amanda Thripp (twice) and Hortensia in Matilda (Cottonwood Heights, Murray, and Centerpoint). By day she’s a busy singing, crafting, history studying, ballroom dancing, third grader. She’s looking forward to sharing the stage with her family and wishes the audience a very merry Christmas.

Jago Parker (Peter Cratchit, Boy Scrooge).jpeg

Peter Cratchit, Boy Scrooge

Jago Parker 

Jago is excited and thankful to reprise his role as Peter Cratchit after he had a very good experience performing last year. He’s an extremely talented artist and learning percussion in 7th grade.

Jane Wilkins (Belinda Cratchit).jpg

Belinda Cratchit

Jane Wilkins

Jane was last seen as Natalie Offenbach in the world premiere of Hans Christian Andersen in New York at Hale Centre Theatre. Other credits include A Christmas Story, kids ensemble, Pioneer Theatre; Sound of Music, Brigitta, Draper Historic Theatre; Frozen Kids, Middle Anna, Hale Centre Theatre; The Audience, Young Queen Elizabeth, Creekside Theatre Festival; The Sword in the Stone, Meadow, Parker Theatre; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Marta, Hale Centre Theatre; Matilda the musical, Matilda, Cottonwood Heights. Jane is happy to be back at Parker Theatre performing this Christmas show with her family.

Caroline Jensen (Caroline, Violin Busker).jpg

Caroler, Violin Busker (Understudy, Belinda Cratchit)

Caroline Jensen 

As soon as she could walk, Caroline would take the violin ornament off of her family's Christmas tree and pretend to play it. At the age of 5 she started taking private violin lessons, and has been busking at the Farmer's Market at Wheeler Historic Farm for the past 2 summers. She is currently in her middle school's advanced orchestra and is thrilled to be playing her violin for you this evening. When she is not playing her violin, she loves talking about horses with her Mom, playing with her big sister Mary Ann, and acting with her Dad (Solicitor #2).

Eloise Hohl (Belle's Child, Poor Child).jpg

Belle's Child, Poor Child

Eloise Hohl 

Eloise Hohl is very excited to be joining her parents on stage, however not for the very first time. She was seen as the tavern keepers baby in The Three Musketeers in 2020 (though she didn't have much choice in that.) Until now she has mailny shared and honed her talents in the family living room, dancing and singing to her own made up songs.

Oliver Hohl (Poor Child).jpeg

Poor Child

Oliver Hohl 

Oliver Hohl, currently 2 years old, is very excited to be in his very first show ever. Not one to be left out, he joins his family on the stage and extends the family theatre legacy by one more.

staff & production team

Executive Producer - James Parker

Chief Operation Officer - Paul Petersen

Office Manager - Missy Stebbing

Founding Director - Joanne M. Parker

Artistic Director - Spencer Hohl

Production Manager -  Makayla Riddle

Director - Spencer Hohl

Costume Designer - Rebecca Richards

Costume Assistants - Paige Laretta Wilson, Judy A. Rose

Properties - Erin Oliphant 

Stage Manager - Liz Nielsen

Light Design/Projection/Set Design - James Parker

Set Construction - James Parker, Paul Petersen

Sound/Light Technician - Alice Holmgren

Stage Technicians - Peter & Nicholas Wilkins


Executive Producer

James Parker

James is one of the founding members of Parker Theatre and current Executive Director. James has designed sets, lighting and costumes in the theatre since childhood. As an adult, he studied industrial design and graphic design in Seattle, WA. One of his greatest challenges and labor of love was designing and converting the old Avalon movie theatre into a live theatre venue. James is married to the love of his life, Emily. together they have three children.

Spencer Hohl (Director, Young Ebenezer, Debtor, Poor Father).jpg

Artistic Director/Director 

Spencer Hohl 

Spencer Hohl has been in 5 different productions of A Christmas Carol and feels most at home with this adaptation at Parker Theatre. He has previously been seen on this stage as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, John Jasper in the Mystery of Edwin Drood and the title characters in both The Canterville Ghost and Hamlet. He would like to thank his wonderful family for their support and wishes the audience a Merry Christmas!

Makayla Riddle Headshot.jpg

Production Manager

Makayla "Mak" Riddle

Mak has been part of the theatre world both on and off stage. Performing is her passion but enjoys the life of making a show come to life through the production side. Her credits include featured dancer in "A Christmas Carol", "The Addams Family" and "West Side Story", She has also been Stage Manager, Costumer, Assistant Choreographer, and now the Production Manager for The Parker Theatre. 

image0 (3).jpeg

Costume Designer

Rebecca Richards 

Rebecca is so chuffed to be a part of this team and this production of Christmas Carol.  This production has been so fun and  she cannot wait for everyone to see this story told in such a beautiful way.  While this may only be Rebecca’s third time costuming for a full theater production, she is definitely well versed in costuming and fashion design.  She has had her own fashion label for 30 years.  Rebecca owns her own custom wedding dress and alterations business, has costumed ballets, huge competition dance teams, high school drill teams, two TV commercials, three short films, and countless custom clients .  She has studied fashion design in college, taken classes from a couturier, and has mentored her own interns that are now working in the industry all over the globe. 

Some fun facts about Rebecca, she has worked as an Program Coordinator,  Project Manager, a contract writer, a bookkeeper and a yoga teacher.  She has her Rotor Wing Pilot’s License and Aircraft Dispatchers License.  Rebecca has 3 kids and 1 husband.  She loves to paint (all kinds), craft (all the crafts) and read (like a lot). She really hopes you enjoy this performance that Parker Theater and this awesome cast has poured their hearts in to.

IMG_0106 (1).jpg

Props Mistress

Erin Oliphant 

Erin is honored to be working on this beautiful show with the Parker Theatre! By day, she teaches reading at a local elementary school. For the past 15 years she has also volunteered with the Herriman Arts Council's Children's Theatre program in various capacities. Most recently she has lead the Props team for "Into the Woods", "Shrek", and "Seussical the Musical". Erin would like to thank her husband and seven kids for their unwavering support as well as the cast and crew of "A Christmas Carol" for their kindness as she navigated these thrilling new waters.

Liz Nielsen - Headshot. (1).jpg

Stage Manager 

Liz Nielsen 

Liz is thrilled to be working with the Parker Theatre again, this time as stage manager, alongside such amazing people in the cast and crew! Favorite credits include: “Freaky Friday” (Ellie Blake) with the Herriman Arts Council, “Matilda” (Miss Honey) at ACT, “Emma” (Jane Fairfax) at the Parker Theatre, and “A Christmas Carol” (Martha/Topper’s Girl/Soprano) at Hale Center Theater Orem. Directing credits include: Music Director – “Willy Wonka Jr.” & “Cinderella Jr.” at ACT and Assistant Director – “Moana: An Adaptation” at KidStage. She wants to thank her incredible husband and darling three kiddos for love and support as she spends her evenings in the arts. Liz hopes you are moved by this phenomenal adaptation of a classic and that you have a wonderful Christmas Season. “God bless us, everyone!”

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